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Preapre the following to get your cofidence (Part 2).

B)At the Interview................
1) Stand right in front of the table.Do not touch the table.
2)Do not sit down without being asked by the interviewer,and thank him or her when you are asked to take a seat.
3)Sit upright, but not stiffly with your arms folded over defensively.
4)Avoid slouching or lots of nervous movement and smiles.
5)Don't giggle or grain at the interviewers.
6)Good deep breaths tend to help u regain your presence of mind.
7) Don't fidget , light up a cigarette or chew gum.Avoid off-putting manner.
8)Don't interrupt the interviewer .Look at the person who is speaking to u and show interest in what she is saying.
9)Take a moment to think about the answer to the questions. Listen carefully, speak carefully and do not rush.
10) Be natural and honest.Be positive and concentrate on achievements and experience.Don't make false claims.Don't answer just 'yes" or 'no'.
11)Support your answer with egs and give reasons for your opinions. At the same time stick to the point and remember that the interviewer's time is limited.
12)Be claim and straight forward with the interviewer's aggressive

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