Everything keeps changing.The sun tend to rise up in the east so as to set down in the west.The tide must also come out after coming in.Similarly,the sky gets blue and turns orange and occasionally, shows various colors.The spring has come just by now.Trees point out the truth of transition by taking off their old dresses.Before long, they come into leaf and try to cover up their actually innate style.Is it really amazing?In fact, they are going by prearranged series.In summer, they act according to the wish of the summer.In rainy sseason, they stay adaptably with the rainy season.In winter, they are in their consonance with the winter.To put it simply, they practise to conform to the nature of the seasons.These among the unstabalities and unsubstantilities never give up to their lives.They always support and beautify the world in various ways.What about our human beings?How would we stay compatibly with the world that is in changing?Really, we are all travellers.We came to the world for a visit.But when we ask ourselves what the reason for our visit is, little do we realize about that.We came from unknown place and we must also go to unknown place in a certain future.We meet on the world at a rendezvous before the end of our destination.Thus, it is reasonable that one must leave behind another after coming together.There is a saying;"To meet is to part". It never ceases to amaze me why people fight each other, even we meet for a split second. Surely enough,we posses uncertain future respectively.While taking shelter on the world before travelling,we should try to conform to the nature of the summer in the summer,to that of rainy season in the rainy season and to that of the winter in the winter to make good progress on the journey.Time is going by so fast but we are short-lived.This makes us sure that we will part from our beloved world in near future.Why cannot we avoid parting from each other without the will to part?The reason for the question is that we all belong to the nature of transition.Oh, travellers!,however,always opposites in the world.Where there is the bad,there is the good.That is why there must be permanence,if there is unpermanence.May all travellers be able to turn the dream of achieving permanent world into reality.
(This is my last post for my friends. From now on,I can't write posts cause so many situation but I can't explain why.Sorry for that.Goodbye ........)