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Studying Aboard for Myanmar Student(That's what I want to say)

You will face the environment changes (culture shot- eg. living together, black & white).
Whatever doing, you should achieve your goals.
You should do survives yourself.
You miss->you miss.
You fill->you fill.
If you have accident, use your health insurance card.
Take care your health before you go to aboard especially in infection diseases.
Take care subject especially in Law.
Don't shy & depression.
When you studying aboard, the English (IELTS 6+) is essential and use everyday to go library and be practical.
The attendance must have at least 80%, if you don't have it that not permit visa.
You not get PR. First, you must get job.
There are 4 billions people in S'pore, why are you going there???
There may be getting in overloads workers.
When you finished your school at S'pore, it is you get the diploma,not the degree.
Don't believe the private school in S'pore, they can't make you a qualified student.
For example. to join another University for future studying.

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