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Oh how interesting musical instrument---------

Ancient Piano-Forte

A rare piano-forte is found in Myanmar ( Burma ) .It was produced in 1809 by SCHIEDMAYER & SOEHNE STUTTGART , GERMANY and imported to myanmar in 1813.

At that time , Burma was ruled by Burmese Kings. Burma had been become under the British colonial rule in 1885 .

This aging musical instrument will tell something about the history and it will surely represent the history in one way or another .

The old upright piano survied many wars such as Anglo-Burmese Wars , Fiest World War and Second World War .

It seems still intact like an old gentleman. It's body is made of oak.

The name and emblem of the company who produced the piano is clearly found on the persumably bronze plate.

It is known that a musical instrument called " Piano e Forte " was first produced by an Italian named Cristofori in 1711.

England first saw it in 1760.Later , in Victorian times , no middle -class home was complete without a piano.

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