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Myanmar Breaking News

I have heard that the government set security force in Maungdaw, Arakan because of the current instability.

The Bangali Rohingya terrorists are burning houses and killing innocent people including government police and women and children in Maungdaw, Arakan. According to Laywaddy updated news, over 30 villages were burnt by Bengali Rohingya terrorists holding guns. There are currently fighting seriously with the government soldiers in Maungdaw.

According to a government official who is working in the Migration Department, there are 95% Bangli Muslim in Maungdaw and 85% in Buthidaung, which are border area very close to Bangalish, only apart Narf River.

Because of the rocket population growth and the huge amount of illegal migration of the Bangali Musilm, there are much more population different between the local people and Bengali Musilm.

They had destroyed and fired nearly a hundred Arakan villages and killed thousands of Arakaneses during the conflict in 1942.
Started from 1951 and 1952, they tried to build a Muslim State by trying to occupy Maungdaw and Buthidaung.

The name "Rohingya" came into existence last 50 years ago and became well-known these years.

I would like to encourage all the local and international journalists to study historical background and the current situations of Arakaneses in Arakan. In my point of view, a journalist needs to understand the truth clearly to write.

As most of the people from international think, we are not majority in our own State, Arakan. Bangali Muslim people become majority in Arakan.
We are struggling people trying to survive in our own state.
In Maundaw, the situation is very risky and the government servants are sent to government building.

"There is no enough security in Maungdaw. Arakaneses villages surrounding Bangali Muslim villages are very risky. The situation may worse at night" said Local people form Maung daw.
The government has to take fully responsibility for the security of its citizens before it is too late.

And I would like to suggest the international community to form a special committee to conduct research on "Rohingya" as it is the root cause for all problems.

In conclusion, I would like to request all the local or international journalists, writers, social workers, and leaders and broadcasting Medias not to give easy comments on "Rohingya" issue as it might lead to genocide like in Rwanda

Credit To Si Hpyo Lin

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