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Rohingya Terrorists in Western Burma

"Thirikonebaung, a village in Western Burma, burned down by Rohingya Terrorists. Almost all (109) houses of the villages were completely burned and only two houses left.

Many international news and media described as Rohingyas are persecuted inside Burma. Actually, the place where Rohingyas resides have only a small numbers of ethnic Rakhine People.

Rohingyas who are intruders to Burma stayed a long time ago. They have tried to become Burma ethnic by presenting fake history in international. Now they are destroying or committing mass destruction in Burma.

They are completely armed and they open fired on security forces and public, so they are not Muslim Protesters. They are rebels and doing mass destruction in Burma. They killed Burmese and ethnics, they burned down the villages, they destroyed everything in our country. So they are not protesters.

Till now over 20 villages are burned down by Rohingya Terrorists. A lot of Rakhine people are killed (till now a few dozens as reported by media) by them because they are completely armed and it is amazing that they owned arms inside Burma even they are not the recognized ethnic. They may have background support.

We have to abolish all Rohingers intruders from our country. That is our desire. Our desire must fulfill."

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