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Hi dear reader, I was noticed that the below link from post with so bad Title,
This is real disappointment for me. And here is the true situation reply comments and read those thoroughly.
Dear "Today"
you had fail to mention actual facts and reality of issue again. Bangali ( Rohinga ) are stateless people. They are not include in our enthic group. They are invaded from Bangalidesh due to over population there. They do not even hold IC of myanmar. We are kind enough to let them stay in our land just because of humatarian mindset. Now, their population is growing rapidly in boder area of Myanmar ( Rakhine State ) and 90% of population in Maung Daw and Buthhe daung are Bangali where local is only left 10%. Now they are attacking our local people, set houes on fire and kills our local rakhine people which our citizen will no longer tolerate anymore. They had hit to zero tolerance zone when they rape and rob local rakhine girl and killed. This is the war between citizen of myanmar and illegal immigrants. In singapore, we had set tough rule to deal with illegal immagrants. Can u imagine , this illegal immagrants start to attack local people.. How will the citizens feel? Same goes to us... we are protecting our people.. so do our ARMY? they are protecting their citizens.. Myanmar ARMY had bad reputation before, however this time is totally different.. they are protecting us.. So pls stop putting up heading of " Buddhist and Musline violence". we are living harmoniously with local Christrian and muslins for more than decade years.. this is not about religion issue.. this is all about fighting between citizen and illegal immagrants.. Your article can spark unnecessary conflict between local buddhism and muslims people... As well as those people who is living in muslim's country...its will badly damage relation between buddhisms and muslims. Our army and rakhine people againt them not because of they are muslims..its because they are invaders who impose national threat to our citizens.. They are not miniority in Rakine state.. they had become majority there.. where lock rakhine is lesser population down there. Its true that 89% of myanmar citizens are buddhism.. we are majority in most part of the country... but certain regions buddhism are miniority.. just like chin state.. majority are christrian.. Rakhine state especially in maung daw , bu thee taung - buddhism become minority. Its really sad to know that CNN , RFA and BBC are sending out wrong signals to world wide... I sincerely hope that Today's reporter will get trust worthy information from government medias or our local people. I can volunteer to send useful photos and vidoes file and translated information from local media as well as from official president website. U may also contact Hmu zaw from president's office.

Hi Today,
I believe this Today News is differ from reality. The first things you need to know is the region. The border country Bingladish is most populated country in the world and most of their people survive on cultivation and other works... So some of the people illegally came to Rakhine (the border state of Myanmar where there is a lot of space to cultivate) and make the cultivation by their own self illegally... it was starting from mid of 1970 and cause of Civil War in Myanmar, Myanmar Government have no chance to protect this kind of manner seriously. At 1994, when Myanmar Government tried to solve the problem... they title them self as a Rohingya and highlight on World Media by using the Muslim Extremist Allies support. They also practiced in illegal weapon selling through Myanmar routes from China to Tamil Tiger. Cause of getting many kind of support from the Extremist, this group is being one of the recruitment center for Muslim Extremist Organization and there is a lot of evidence recorded on capture video tape from Al- Queda by CIA. Now they start practicing the terrorism in the region and trying to get the media care also by using the donation money from the oil rich country. They are trying to title as Muslim-Buddhist violence. But it is wrong... Definitely Wrong... there is nothing happening in Myanmar citizen Muslim - Buddhist. This is not the religious problem. The real problem is ignited when three illegal Bangali Muslim raped , stole the wearing gold and killed the native 17 year old girl. Now they are trying to highlight as Myanmar-Muslim Issue which is differ from reality. Only the problem between Native and illegal Migrant.

This is not religious violence , we are attacked by bingali ! Because of over population in Bengladesh, they stay in our parts , they don't have any IC ! Myanmar government already announced that Rohingya are not included in our ethnic groups since 1982 !But because of human sympathy and also because of our poor local immigration system , Rohingyas 's population have been over developing since decades! The proportion become worse like 200000 bingali and our ethnic group only left 2000 in that area ! Now these Rohingya attacked our people , fired our houses ! So that is not Muslims & Buddhists violence ! We have thounds of local citizens Muslims and we don't have any conflicts !We including all Buddhists , Muslims and Christians Myanmar citizens against Rohingyas , terrorists !Stay in our land and bullying our people is not acceptable!

Hi Today Editor,

This is not the clash between Musilm Vs Buddhist. It is clash between Rohinga Terrorists and Rakhin Myanmar. They are not minority in MaungTaw Township as u said. Although MaungTaw is a city of Burma, there are 90% over Rohinga there and minority is burmese people. Now we are really concerned for our minority people in Maungtaw city because Rohingas are killing Rakhine and setting fire on Rakhine people's houses. Pls, stop misleading people from wrong article. Burmese people are running away from their homes and are killed by those Rohinga Terrorists. We, burmese are mostly buddhist but are not opposing to Musilm , we are opposing to Terrorists those who are taking cover from religion.

Hay Today, It is not a religious clash. It is just a clash between Arakanese, one of major ethnic groups in Myanmar, and Rohingyas who has no tie with any of our ethnic groups genetically and culturally. Our successive governments have agreed to accept them according to requests from international organizations, especially UNHCR. This is the second article from TODAY purposely attack to Myanmar. As a Singapore State Media, You, TODAY, should not public the article with such sensitive head line. Do not you know that such title shall enforce to become RELIGIOUS clash in MYANMAR. You has no Reputation at all, TODAY. SHAME ON U!

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