Some of the engineer in S'pore are feel like following...

Most of the people from Myanmar want to come and work at Singapore.I also one of them.That's why our country become poor than poor day by day coz of the stupid government .
I studied first year to B.Tech at Maubin GTC and BE at Hmawbi GTC.
I studied for 5 years to get BE ( Electronics).
Not only i tried to get this degree but also i cost a lot of money to attend university.
But i m only a quantity engineer not a qualified engineer.
It really drives me crazy .
All of the colleauges from our university are like that me.
That's why our stupid education policy.
1.All of the universities from myanmar are out of the cities so we need a long time to reach to university and we cost a lot of travel expenses.

2.Most of the tutor from our universities are so young are they also quantity tutors.They can't afford to teach clearly to students.

3.As for me although i studied electronics engineering subjects i only get metering register as hand on experience.

4.All of the time computer rooms and practical rooms are closed coz the teachers also afraid something destroy and they can't teach us practical.

5. All of the students from GTC need to attend tution classes .

6.So we cost a lot of money.

7.All of the school years are finished with only lecture.

8.We studied a lot we cost a lot but we didn't get the knowledge that we actually needs.

So we are so so small face among international engineer.
I hate our government our educational department.

(This post is one of my beloved young sister's post from our school (same batch,same major) who live and work in S'pore.She post this on her zorpia home page.I copied and show this on our blog by her permission.)

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