Service Provider...Vendor...and Trader

- Service Provider (known as Operator) is not a Equipment Manufacturer.
- The Service Provider has a license to operate in a geographical boundary (state/division/country).
- It busy equipment from OEM Suppliers these we known as Vendors.
- Service Provider do Installs & Commissions the equimpent thus making it's own Network.
- And Provides the desired service to it's subscribers.

- Vendor is a Equipment Manufacturer.
- It supplies Product, Consultancy and Trainings.
- Service provider has the option of taking the Consultancy and Training.

In here, I wanna says " Service Provider is MPT and Vendors are Huawei & ZTE."
How to call " Elite Tech " ????
May be "Trader " I think. :P :P :P

- Trader do trading between Vendors and Service Provider.
- It doesn't do Installs & Commissions like Service Provider.
- And Consultancy & Training like Vendors.

Shall we work for Service Provider or Vendors???
Or Trader ???
NO !!!
I already decided that I won't work for Trader. Never again !!!

This post is intends to my friends who working for Trading Company (most of my friends known as Big company and best in Myanmar)  that I've been work for over two years. But nothing was improved. :)

(Be Knowledgeable, pass it on then)

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